Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Krugman's Way

In this blog Paul Krugman recalls the Bush administration’s argument for the privatization of social security because the current system is unfair to minorities. Due to a lower life expectancy for Black males they die before they are able to collect their fair share. When I read the post I was angered by the logic of the arguments by Bush and a southern judge who supported a photo ID before voting. I wanted to argue on behalf of social justice and democratic freedoms, but I am not writing this post to defend the constitution. What I found interesting was the approach of Paul Krugman. He broke down the life expectancy figure. He said the Black community may have a lower life expectancy because of high death rates in childhood, youth deaths, and incarceration. A Black man who works his whole life is not more likely to die. His view broke down the opponent and was a completely different angle than I was thinking. I then questioned myself. Maybe I should consider an argument like Krugman’s that breaks down the facts before I enter into a useless philosophical debate. Everyone should look for other channels and a new perspective to an old issue.

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