Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why God is a Mets Fan.

It may seem bizarre to say that god is a Mets fan given that the last two they have suffered some of the worst late September meltdowns to cede the division and their entry into the playoffs, but it is true. I did my research and for the Mets to win the 1969 world series as a few season old expansion team was pretty amazing. God gave them Tom Seaver, the man had to be heaven sent. Then they returned in the 1980s to the be the team that everyone wanted to be, that team got another gift when the almighty pushed the ball between Bill Buckner's legs in game 6 of the 1986 world series. If a professional team is lucky then they have one miracle moment, like the miracle in the meadowlands, or the immaculate reception, but the Mets have had several. So god just may have been preoccupied the last couple seasons. Maybe he was fed up with Shea Stadium, and there were problems on Wall Street, the Yankees were also not in their usual cruise control. How much can one city ask for, even if it is New York?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fallen Soldiers

First the first time in 18 years media was allowed access to the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to cover the return of military caskets. President Obama lifted the ban that restricted videos or pictures of the procession. The ban was implemented during the Gulf War by the first Bush president which some believe was an act to hide the human costs of war. At the time the memories and legacies of Vietnam still dictated political decisions. Bush 41 did not want coffins returning home that reminded the public of Vietnam. The lift of the ban is a sign that the current political climate is not haunted by mistakes in Vietnam. The president should be mindful of mistakes made during Vietnam, but his act to lift the ban says that the American people will not be left out. And the commander in chief will make decisions with the understanding that the public will see the consquences. He will not hide from protest or opposition- the ban did not suppress freedoms but its repeal is a jesture that symbols confidence. Bush 43 avoided protest stirred by returning coffins, now we will have a stronger visual image and deeper connection to those lost in the field.